A votre service depuis 1993
A votre service depuis 1993

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We are very please to be able to communicate in english. So please, feel free to contact us by email or phone call.


At your service since 1993, POLYCOUPE offers you:

A wide range of bowlcutterknives:

- more than 30 brands,

- from the smallest to the largest sizes,

- all shapes,

- with or without holes.


We also propose creation of your specific model on plan.


A wide range of knives and plates for grinders and mincers:

- for all systems (Excelsior, Enterprise, Unger),

- all dimensions,

- straight or inclined holes, 

- in carbon steel or stainless steel.


POLYCOUPE it is also :

- circular blades,

- skinning and dicer blades,

- injection needles,

- slicers,

- band saw blades,

... and industrial custom made blades.


To complete this presentation, our sharpening service responds to your needs without interruption all year round, within short deadlines and with consistent quality. Test us!


Nous sommes à votre écoute

de 8h30 à 18h30
du Lundi au vendredi

Toute l'année


au 01 64 31 05 33

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